your diary bites it

I just clicked on some diaryland gold member banner (because you know, i just sent mine in and it's like a some karmic thing) anyway, the design was tragic and the diary was lame and I can't remember whose it was but they were a member of both the 'people suck' and 'abortions suck' diaryrings. Now, doesn't that seem a little contradicatory, I mean, those abortions could have grown into people, and they suck. go figure.

Did I also mention it made me really really angry? I can't even go into that right now. ugh.

So it's raining and I am going back to New York soon. It's my pal Donna's birthday...

she is having a party and the theme is "after work crowd" so all the guys have to wear suits with the first few shirt buttons undone and tie flung over the shoulder and the girls have to wear like... "commuter office chic" complete with white sneakers. hahah! Silly Donna!

Ugh. i don't even know what "being productive" means anymore.

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