Mike Post you rule!!!

I was just thinking about the last time I was at Pat and Tom's and how much fun I always have there. Not like there is anything especially entertaining- we just like... make our own fun factory out of Molson Stock Ale, bad jokes and impressions, new dance moves and Mike Post bass lines. Yeah homie! You heard me.

It all started with Tom pickin up the bass and hitting us with a little Law and Order. You probably had to be there but it was hilarious. Then special guest Matt Canis was all "Mike Post.... he's the man." I was shocked and elated to find another soul who shared my love of this TV legend. "Oh Mike fuckin Post!" echoed Pat.

Matt: The A-Team
Me: Rockford Files
Matt: ROCKFORD FILES. Good one. Not too many people know that.
Me: NYPD Blue.
Pat: Whoa, he does NYPD Blue??
Me: Oh hell yeah
Matt: You know what had a great theme song? Magnum PI. Was that Mike Post?
Me: You know I really don't know.

Answer: Yes he fuckin DID do Magnum PI. And Hill Street Blues. And Cop Rock. And L.A. Law. And CHiPs. What have YOU done lately?

Basically, Mike Post fuckin RIPZ and you all need to give much respect.

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