Now usually I don't do this but uh.. go ahead an break em off a little preview of the remix...

Mikey came to visit! He met me on a random street corner in midtown where I was working. (That sounds bad) Anyway, we took a cab to our hotel in the bustling financial district! A scant few blocks from...MY OWN HOME! It was a lot more exciting than my own home though because I got to have a lot of sex there! On a king size bed that was actually two twin beds pushed together! Whatevs!

In our short visit together we also managed to visit the Transit Museum, max fish (where I was forced to cry!), Welcome to Los Johnsons, KCDC and Barcade. We walked across the Williamsburg Bridge not once, but twice! We also ate brunch at Kitchenette and on Saturday night I bought a ridiculous amount of snacks while wasted and Mikey was polite enough to pay for them and not ask "Just WHEN do you plan on eating that shit?" because the answer would have been "a little bit of it in a week and the rest will probably go bad in the fridge and get thrown out by mom."

Mikey has a polaroid and used it for PG purposes.

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