Ground Control to Majorly Wasted

Just under a week ago I had the pleasure of visiting Planet Earth Headquarters for treats of both the BBQ and aural variety. Oh also of the liquid variety and flammable variety. I talked a lot about cupcakes with Colin and how best to achieve grey icing. Jackie gave me one of her Oreo pudding cups, and I took some photos and video clips, and here are a selection of the former...

Perfectly pastoral setting.

Babe alert.

Ben and Nick.

Rebecca. Sparklers.

Total sonic magic!

Pirates! Me and Jackie.

Jimmy outside PE HQ.

Bike Parade. Clearly Canadian.

There were a lot of people making their way over to the Drake for the post-show DJ set and not everyone had bikes so the group was moving at this palsied pace. Eric asked if the two of us should just ride ahead and park ourselves in the alley rather than lumber along on a night so nice for riding... and so we did.

Total VODKA SAUCE, dudes. Hella lying down in an alley? What's with me lately? What's with me for ALL TIMES?

I don't recall this photo being taken and am therefore not donning one of my 6 trademarked photographic poses.

This was maybe like...right before or right after Nick and I saw Mischa Barton outside and I had a minor attack.

I mean sure, you *could* say that maybe I shouldn't get wasted in front of my boss' kids but you could say a lot of things and most likely I wouldn't even be listening that attentively, you know?

P.S. Thanks for playing Sebadoh for me.

Phone blog.

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