diaryland makes me want to smoke crack

So the other night I went to see Plaid / Nobekazu Takemura / Mira Calix with Beth. I got, how you say, a little gooned. I wanted to ask the Plaid dudes a few questions but they were taking mass long so i just took one of their many fluffy white towels and split. We went and got nachos and then Beth AGAIN tried to kill me by making sleep near the space heater of pain.

I swear she fucking keeps her apartment at a balmy 450 degrees farhenheit. I woke up at one point like "uughhh whoooo do i have Cholera? Is the typhoid back? Is she growing tropical plants in here??" When the alarm went off I was giving her grief about it and she countered by insinuating my apartment is sub-artic (why i never!!!).

Anyway, I got MINE when I went outside and there was a huge snowstorm and I had to walk uphill like a dawg.

Last night I went to dinner with John and Jeff and then bought them Tim Hortons and we went back to the "new house" so I could watch John finish laying down a floor. (Visual fun in 15 installments). i went to bed kinda early because i was supposed to go to this temp job today and John was going to drive me because it's far and not on the subway line. I didn't sleep much though because they were staining floors in the middle of the night and the fumes are crazy in my apartment. They may have been what produced a slew of really fucked up dreams.

In one of them I had a newborn baby - which should have been nice- but i was doing such a godawful job, like taking it to Home Depot and forgetting him on a stack of wood in some aisle and not being able to breastfeed because it tickled so much. Oh and whenever I bundled him up in the blanket (blue) i completely wrapped up his face. In the next scene the baby could talk and was complaining about not being able to eat solid foods. Oh and I became aware that I only changed his diaper once in the whole dream which spanned like...a week.

Dah , ANYWAY- John was supposed to drive me to work but I feel fucking bad because I'm sure he only went to bed at 6am and is probably knocked out way worse by the fumes than me. So I called the temp agency and told them I had no way of getting there or back and surprise, they were all *SIGH* "FINE. Why are you only telling us now" Oh eff off. Why don't you get me jobs like IN THE CITY OF TORONTO. Oh plus, the city is on strike and can't plow the roads so our van almost spun out of control like 400 times on the way to dinner last night. I don't want to DIE for the $88-minus-tax I would have made today.

np: Ted Leo ' Walking Through'

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