My Diary: Your Own Personal Jesus

Cheryl and I got a table at the back of The Communist's Daughter, smoked menthols and told secrets until DALE showed up.

This picture is a hilarious anachronism, but the seventh seal remained intact and blood did not rain from the sky when Dave held an iPod.

Look at me wearing retarded pants and a HAT! I look like a little robber. Okay maybe "little" is a stretch- but the important part of this photo is neither my pants nor Mike's hat- can you guess? YES! The destruction of the Uptown Theatre! I wish there was an emoticon to describe how it made me feel. What does 'total indifference' look like?

This is more like it. Here is a photo of me and Dave from 1858. (Taken before Balmy Times- 1858's precursor to Hot Times) Dave is even wearing animal pelts.

Oh hoo hoo. Someone slipped me a mickey. Mickey Wallace! Oh dear- wait till the ladies at the Junior League hear about this.

Yeah. This is me, Dale and Dean ("Deaner") Maybe you've heard of our new band. We're called The Postal Cervix?

Mike wanted to make sure The Forms had a clean place to sleep. I wanted to make sure *I* had a clean place to sleep- so I photographed Mike's midsection, zoomed in and checked for evidence of negligence/ mange and found none.

Tomorrow: Conversations with my Mother, my Christmas List, and the return of 'Karl Says' !

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