Life is Beautiful. If by 'beautiful' you mean 'retarded'

I'm back in America and that means I have gained 8 lbs and polished 5 guns in the last 24 hours, right? WRONG! I have been downloading, resizing and cropping most excellent photos for YOU. Now hold onto your dicks!

I apologize in advance for appearing in every single one of the photos you are about to see, like some 'Where's Waldo' with tits. Here we have Duff, Dan and myself in Dan's living room. Which looks remarkably like my old living room. Maybe because that is my couch, and that "painting" used to hang above it as well. Memories.... like the corners of muh miiiiiii-nd.

Wait I lied. I am not in this picture unless I shapeshifted into a Carlsberg or a beard. This is Sebastien. Friend. Fisherman. Fuckhead.

eBeth Mann and Beth Anne Graham? The 2 best parts of your last 3-some.

Shayne may tell you he is NOT GUILTY but he used to go out with this chick whose last name sounded like a disease and who fucked EVERYBODY- so he was guilty of that. He's still cool though even though he hates like... every band.

Too precious? No. .

This picture shredz. Peep the composition. You wish you were an amazing photographer like me- but you'll just have to settle for recognizing me on the street and creeping me out.

Until Next Time........

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