But...but.. you HAVE to win..it's OUR school!!!

Hey Torontonians....

If you are a fan of Mr. Buddy of the Pines work, an occasional observer of it, unaware of its existance, or even a detractor- you should come see him front the band which is fast becoming one of my favorites: Currently in These United States.

Plus it's billed all Battle of the Bands style.. and if you're anything like me this harkens back to those blissful highschool days where someone from your favorite highschool band would call you "cutie" from the stage and your jealous friends would go in the girls' bathroom and cry about it . Currently are playing against a band called Anagram... and while I have never heard them play I can pretty much bet they are fags from Oshawa- much like Dale Ronson.

So come out to Sneaky Dee's and party like it's 1994.

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