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Karger eating some grapes

Tayt said "LETS GO CLIMB DIRT MOUNTAIN!!!" so we ran over and discovered it was more like DIRT MOUND but just the same: a photo opportunity.

Aerrol took this one of me.

I took one of him.

Then last Sunday, after Michael Andrew had returned to Toronto, Alex and I went out to Williamsburg to a party Celia was hosting for a pal who is leaving for France. Always a perfect hostess, she made a radical cake in the shape of fucking MEATWAD!!

What else? Oh i don't know... maybe some bullshit party I went to with my mom ? Not even worth talking about but here is what I wore?

Like just because you hire a bartender and don't know anything about speakers doesn't mean your party won't SUCK A WHOLE BOUQUET OF BALLS!

So in stark contrast to that, Byron, Deirdre and myself had a Huey Lewis dance party with Sparks in my living room.

This was shortly before heading out to a bro-tastic Darkroom, making an about-face and hanging at Johnson's. I put 23 songs on the jukebox.

None of them were by Steely Dan or the Doobie Brothers. Happy Birthday Dave Gillespie. and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone that wants to hear it.

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