i miss my Piano Magic record. boo hoo.

Well I was just about to do some gross amount of dishes but i thought, let me throw on one of my favorite records to make it all a lot better.

But then, surprise, my fucking favorite thing is missing! The Piano Magic- Fun of the Century 12" ep deal. SOOOOOO good. SOOOOO missing. I am seriously going to cry. Like, sure I can go buy another one (even though I can't seem to afford like.. fruit and milk and stuff) but the point is.. where could it have gone?!

I think maybe I packed it separately from the rest of the records because maybe I wanted to listen to it right up until I was moveen? But ugh... everything that is still packed from the move is mostly wintery stuff and it's in boxes under my bed.

So yeah, if you want to buy me that Piano Magic record again, it's on Piao! records ....I'd appreciate it. Actually, just buy one for yourself. That would make me really happy too.

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