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Hello beautiful subjects!

Does e.b. Mann ever come up for air? No! Now here are some recent photographs. First we have a few from Pete's Candy Store on Lorimer where every Monday in October you can see my dear friend Kurt Heasley (Lilys), Joey Sweeney (Barnabys/ The Trouble with Sweeney..) and Matt Pond play in secret.


And here are 3 from iParty last night at APT.

I don't look good in this picture, but I am so totally selfless that I would prefer Alex to look good in a photo. Also, this one offered the best view of my rad Andy Mueller shirt.

Sometimes I wonder if my love for the Andrews borders on "obsessive" or "unhealthy" but then I'm like- wait a second, I'm a living legend who totally rips hard. My diary shreds every day. My love could never be unhealthy nor obsessive as I have never made a mistake or done anything out of sync with being the best at everything for all times. So fuck it.
Today's "Karl Says" is a series of football related outbursts Karl would insert into our otherwise important conversation. Here goes:

Karl: son of a bitch. tampa bay is screwing me over...

damnit. if i lose in fantasy football cause of these fuckers blowing an onside kick im punching beasts
...or tits.

fuck you peyton manning, you rich sounding asshole

61 yd field gold attempt is coming. jesus monkey. if he hits this, this beats drugs or jesus....

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