Okay. Here come some pictures from Blackout Party 2003.

4:25 pm Here we have an MTA vehicle fielding questions and whatever by the Christopher St 1/9 station.

After running into my pal since kindergarten, Brian Healy on Jane Street, we headed to Hudson River park to sit on the pier and enjoy some "cocktails" (Sparks for me, Sapporo for Brian)

Here you see us frowning after we spot some lights in lower Manhattan. Notice how orange my mouth is from all that SPARKS. (In case you don't know, Sparks is the neon orange malt liquor energy drink) The important part is, these lights were a false alarm. No power for at LEAST another 16 hours. Let's get drunk!

Brian and I stopped at his house to pick up some.. um... supplies, then went across the street to my place so I could change, Brian could wash his face, and we could BOTH see my mom in her underwear. Then we hit the road. Here is a picture of us in a deli I think.

Brian really loved what they had done with the place and instructed me to take a picture of these marvelous candlesticks.

Ludlow Street. A lot was going on on Ludlow St. though this picture doesn't really suggest that at all. Brian and I danced in the street for a while but we have short attention spans so we only hung around for about 15 minutes.

These pictures were all taken in Tompkins Square Park. Earlier in the evening we marched with this impromptu band playing 'Oh when the Saints go Marching In' to the gates where we were rebuffed by a plain-clothes officer. By now the mob was more powerful than New York's Finest initially expected and revellers were allowed to burn their clothes if they felt it necessary.

Oh my my. Walking down... oh whatever street it was, Brian and I both realized we had to pee. Brian did so beside a church while I, so demure, waited to find a bathroom. Then we came across a gaystravaganza and I was allowed to use their facilities while Brian was allowed to get some beer off them, and we were both allowed to laugh a lot and snap these ridiculous pictures. Thanks.

Who's drunk? Who's singing 'Crazy in Love' by Washington Square Park? Oh shit, it's me.

Back on Jane Street, where our evening first began- a crowd had amassed outside the Jane St. Tavern. I also got to see dear pal Billy Wheelan, who, to my surprise and elation, seemed very glad to see me. This is basically where the party ended.

Some cheese and crackers were eaten, some more beer imbibed. I visited Brian's luxurious bathroom, but not to use the bidet. See there is a phone in there and I thought it would be a good time to check in on my man. When our little chat was in danger of getting steamy (I *was* standing in the sauna) I ran home to resume my conversation from cozier confines.

What a fucking amazing blackout. Dear Con Ed, please do this every summer!

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