:A ball of hair and teeth speaks:

I took a lovely overnight trip to Philadelphia on Sunday and unfortunately my camera was dead when I got there. Which is too bad because my Philadelphian friends are lovely and worthy of millions of photographs. Instead, I will show you old ones!

Like for instance, here is Mickey Walker...

Mickey and his dog, Angus were so kind as to pick me up from the bus stop. Angus is a really great driver!

We went to Mike's house and ordered a delicious upside-down pizza which arrived shortly after Quentin!

Quentin had come over for Mazarin practice but received the added bonus of enjoying pizza with ME!! OH MY GOD!!!

It was around this time that Kurt called.

I told him that we were eating and then Mazarin was going to practice and he said "MAZARIN PRACTICE?! That's boring. Let's go do something fun."

Kurt came and fetched me and we got some Corona and went to his house. I got to meet Patricia and the wee ones- who are all amazing. The rest of the night was spent between Kurt, Quentin's and Mike's houses which are all no more than 5 minutes from each other- then towards the end of the evening, Patricia and I sent Kurt and Mike out for Taco Bell- and it worked. Gorge!

The next day Patricia and I ran some errands with the boys and I got a tour of Fishtown. Later we flew kites in the park with Aerrol and climbed on this tipped-over tree. It was really sunny out - it's so nice to be outdoors and not freezing.

Quentin came over and we looked at books together on the couch about information design and Shaker gift art.

2 years ago I said I was never going to Philly "ever again!!" but it has been redeemed and I can't wait to return.

Thanks for enjoying this review which appears to have been written by 3rd grader.

Hint: My teratoma is in 3rd grade.

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