Are these Peeps HOT or NOT?

Hey! Do you guys totally love the resurrection of Christ?? Can I get a YEAH? How about the end of LENT!? Phew! Glad that's over! Who's with me???!!


Okay um.

Pastel colors/candy /baby bunnies?

Awesome. But this brings up an important (very) concern. Now- I know I'm always giving Canada a hard time about not having Cookie Crisp, good TV, personality, whatever- but I learned today that Canada does not have MARSHMALLOW PEEPS. I guess my question is: Is Canada an asshole? C'mon! They're just totally unpalatable sugar encrusted marshmallow-like confections! They MEAN Easter. And so, to honor ma peeps... here are some REAL OCCURENCES.

This is sorta like a proposed method of delivering a Trojan Peep up the Credit River or St. Lawrence passage or whatever body of water can connect the two QUITE OBVIOUSLY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. (One that respects my right to consume neon victuals, and one that CLEARLY does not)

Okay so once the Peeps get here they can, you know, frolic with other like... real animals till they get accustomed to their new surroundings.

"I'll close my eyes, count to 20. You go hide okay? Okay? OKAY!"

"No! Hiding behind my head is NOT a very good hiding place. I am a human and you are a marshmallow. I am clearly more intelligent than you."

What Peeps lack in mental agility they more than make up for in adorability, wouldn't you agree?

Alright. I hope you were listening Canada, and I hope you enjoyed this thin slice of awesome. As you know I am dedicated to bringing you the RAW TRUTH- and sometimes it cuts like a knife through so many Peeps.

K bye.

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