peeonme4cash: Hi there, I'm an attractive male from Toronto and I"m looking for something really different. My screenname pretty much tells what that is. If you want more details and are interested, please get back. I'm willing to pay VERY well for this.

eBeth: I no longer urinate

eBeth:I gave it up at New Years

peeonme4cash: lol

peeonme4cash: well I"m willing to pay VERY well for this

eBeth:well you'd have to also be willing to fly me to toronto since I don't live there anymore

peeonme4cash: oh, where are you?

eBeth: New York

peeonme4cash: do you ever come back here?

eBeth: yes

eBeth: to pee

peeonme4cash: how often?

peeonme4cash: lol

peeonme4cash: well I'm serious maybe if you're into this, one time when yo'ure here we could try it

eBeth: no.

------------------------------------------ (update!) KARL'S 2 CENTS.

Karl: haha. you should have asked how much

Karl: "25$ and chuck'e cheeses tokens"

Karl: what is up with getting peed on? christ

eBeth: haha who knows

Karl: how do you go from a child who likes just having fun and playing games into this weird person who wants to get peed on or your dick tied up in some fucking contraption

eBeth: rap music

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