High Sticking

Sorry I haven't updated with anything interesting/ real in a while. I have a lot of photos to resize/ thoughts to compose.

Also, my Intramural Hockey team practices and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are scheduled for the same time so I've had to make a choice. This is usually how it ends up....

'Karl Says' was on hiatus but is back now. Here we go:

Karl: Dude, owls are fucking awesome you never see them and theyre out of their minds
me: yeah owls are great
Karl: they are. owls and lynx
Karl: and wolves are awesome too but not in a white trash way
Karl: holy shit, i just named all animals on sweatshirts

P.S. again- I know I have updated this same entry 3 times but I wouldn't have to say this if you all had been paying attention so... yeah. I bothered to write a whole harrowing tale about 'Uptown Girl' and no one was even like "hey, why not check out Billy Joel - the musical ?" Hello courtesy? Hello LOGIC?!?! MOVIN OUT! BILLY JOEL- THE MUSICAL!!!!! This has now replaced 'skydiving with jesus' and 'losing my virginity' in terms of awesome things I must accomplish before death. Let's get tickets!

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