Here's to Injustice!

I've been having the same dreams pretty much every night. The players will change but the theme remains the same. I'd elaborate, but you know, "power of suggestion" and all that. Soon, treating me like crap will be ALL THE RAGE!!!

Oh yeah shit. Pick up Trucker magazine this month- I'm made fun of in it! Oh wait- pick up Trucker magazine? The circulation hovers somewhere between 28-36 copies and I think the staff took them all. Oh well! Maybe next month okay? Start a letter-writing campaign.

Friday night I went to three art shows, 2 bars, and one party. It was like a christmas carol of debauchery. But not really- there was a lot of good clean hanging out with homeless people and crazies-style fun. And if 'Laughing: hysterical' ever makes it to the Olympics, Katie and Dennis' team will undoubtedly take the gold.

Last night my team went to this party where everyone had to wear a moustache. Karen and I resisted for so long. My excuse being "I have a hard enough time maintaining my dignity without a moustache, thanks. "

Then Dan tied two chunks of my hair together , under my nose to make a moustache, epoxy-ed a little piece of white paper to Karen's upper lip, and fashioned a penny to his own visage. Dale of course has a "homegrown" which, while it came in handy last night, does not validate it's appearance. It's name is not on the lease and everyone else in the house wants it GONE as soon as possible. Of course, the more we voice our disgust the more likely Dale is to turn his jaunty display of facial foliage into a lifestyle.

Today i am going to get some film developed so Alex Tween will shut the fuck up about it.

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