Luckenbach, TX

When I left New York City to move to the Tundra, I thought I was leaving the hustle and bustle behind- getting further away from the civilization and subsequent "craziness" that served me so ill.

...But Toronto and its outlying suburbs were not the idyllic Laura Ingalls Wilder pastures I had envisioned. The people were nothing like the floppy Jim Henson creations I presumed they would be. This place is depraved... CRAZY MAD even! If only people knew. If only there was a website....a place to order videos of Canada off the internet... then maybe you'd understand what I'm going through...

Hopefully now you can understand why I was so thrilled and relieved when some guy gave Dale this flyer as he was walking home from a bar in crazy mad Oshawa. I feel like I've found a kindred spirit- I can only hope his valiant efforts do not fall short, like so many Canadians before him...

The best part is how "funk shows" is sorta just wedged in there. What do *you* think is the best part ?

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