To MA DOGS ON DEATH ROW , part II - or - "Alex says 'hahahaha' "

Alextween: Wounds caused by claws or teeth covered more than 80 percent of Julia Mazziotto's body

Alextween: ummm.thanks so much for that clincial level of detail.

fevrier records: sick!

Alextween: it's like "mazzioto's vagina was torn to shreds"

fevrier records: AW SNAP

fevrier records: now ya gone and done it alex

Alextween:'s one step away from that.!!!!!

Alextween: they did say 80%!!!

fevrier records: DUDE!!!!

fevrier records: you are so ... GNAR

Alextween: hahaha...

fevrier records: I ...

fevrier records: I almost want to break the engagement...

Alextween: hahahah...

fevrier records: just so i can say i broke off an engagement


fevrier records: but I'll wait until you "leave me at the altar"

fevrier records: to say that I have been "left at the altar"

Alextween: be like, "dear readers, i have broken my engagement, as my fiance's mind has been corrupted by lurid local news stories."

fevrier records: HHHAHAHAH...oh dear

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