Attack of the Snipper

Today I ate a can of chickpeas, a yogurt and some pizza. Dan and I turned on 'SnipperVision' to see if anyone else got snipped today. No such snips. I did get to play with a giant cat named Lenny though. So it was an alright day.

A drunk guy in an SUV invited me for Chinese food with 14 of his closest friends as i was walking to get a cab after work. Then he said i had nice legs and not to get offended. He said "can i ask you one more thing?" i like when people value my opinion.... "Is it okay to lick a girl's ass?" I said, "yeah.. well... maybe ask first but i mean..." and he finished, "and if she says it's okay..." well then yeah go for it. "thanks" ... no problem.

Why am i writing like a tard? Oh. It's 4am again. My schedule sucks.

sorry i removed this image because my nip was showing? It'll be back after i photoshop a giant heart over my exposed tit. thanks for your patience

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