Party at Jackie Chan's!

This is going to be the best entry ever- I'm not even going complain about how I toss and turn and cry in my bed like a heroin addict, covered in nicotine patches. Like in the previous entry, I have a yet another bottle of vodka on my knee. My house doesn't have any ice either.

Okay so here goes...

I have mentioned my crush on Owen Wilson before...

Alextween: owen wilson is always so "this is all bullshit...and so are you." he's like a less bitchy, funnier steve malkmus

fevrier records: I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ALEX

Alextween: HAHAHAHA

fevrier records: get his address

Alextween: HAHAH

fevrier records: i don't want to ask my dad!

Alextween: why do you love him so much

Alextween: do you like him because he writes scripts.

Alextween: that are good/funny.

Alextween: do you like him because he's smart.

Alextween: do you like him because you think he's hot.

Alextween: do you like him because he's an ironic malkmusy wiseass?

fevrier records: all of the above

Alextween: all of the above?

fevrier records: yes

fevrier records: and I like how he gave the Royal Tenenbaums script to my dad during an AA meeting

Alextween: REALLY??????

Alextween: that rules.

Alextween: who does owen wilson date?

fevrier records: um.. no one

fevrier records: he is waiting for me

fevrier records: if not, that is your little project. find out.

...... (a minute later...)



Alextween: it's called "date owen wilson"

fevrier records: hang on

fevrier records: I'm playing fuckin dominoes

Alextween: it's like the choose your own adventure books, except you're dating owen wilson in it.

fevrier records: OMG!!!

fevrier records: the party scene?

fevrier records: "people get drunk... you both hate that"


Alextween: i went for the walk in the park.

Alextween: he compliments me on my eyes.

Alextween: ok, if you go to the restaurant, you get to have sex with him.

fevrier records: THIS IS THE GREATEST

Alextween: you get to hang out with jackie chan in one of them. "jackie said a great joke and everyone laughed"

fevrier records: and "owen's music takes me to places I've never been before"

fevrier records: like to an AA meeting

Alextween: hahaha

That's all for today folks. Just imagine. 3:35pm and no one has dropped a couch on me yet! score.

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