Make sure to never do it with the singers

Did you know a flight from Toronto to New York could take over 36 hours? Did you know it could cost $200 in cabs? I didn't! Did you know you can get arrested for being angry? The story will get more and more boring if I bother to actually explain it- but don't ever fly Canjet right? CAN NOT JET. Cuntjet. Don't fly. Okay? Okay.

I'm in New York now. The rain is coming down. Deirdre is sitting silently on the couch reviewing pictures of herself in her finest ho gear.

Sara's birthday party is later on in Boerum Hill while fireworks go off in Canada. I'm so glad my skin is waterproof. I'm so glad Architecture in Helsinki made 'In Case We Die' and that it's mega-awesome. I'm so glad I moved in with Mike Wallace. He takes me swimming and we eat pizza in front of the TV. WAIT UNTIL MOM FINDS OUT!!

Better entry later?

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