here comes the bride....

Hi. I am in New York and, quel surprise, it is hype. i got a facial and then hung out with my pal since grade 2, Lila. Fuck. Sometimes people you know from when you are a baby never get any less rad- and if you have someone like that, realize how lucky you are.

I made her steal a bottle of liquor from behind the bar tonight. I got Fleishmann's Gin .. she got GREY GOOSE!!!!

Oh but... I got ENGAGED.


I'm fucking ENGAGED!!!!!!

Do you realize what this means????? It means a lot of dudes are going to try and nail me now...!!!

And I am probably going to be okay with that. And so is my fiancee. My mom is happy.

Sorry, I am hammered. I'll write more about my um... engagement later.

So many hilarious times this evening.... it truly was special...

I'm even beginning to forget about my sick and nagging crush on Harry Potter!

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