Gittie Up

18 January 2002

I work for General Motors and Meredith works at Nissan apparently? Who knew we were so autotastic.

Might I also add that I do not want to hear the word "lessee" ever again. It sounds like "lezzie" ... So I look at lease agreements all day and man, people have some fucked up names and live in some fucked up towns. Who knew there was an Ompah, Ontario! i thought it was just the sound that those gay midgets from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made?

One lessee's name was Gittie. Who the fuck calls themselves GITTIE? GITTIE!! "Hi, I'm an old sour git and I would like to lease a car, preferably one where I cannot see over the steering wheel and have trouble reaching the pedals...also, if you could permanently affix the blinker to the "eventual left" position I would really appreciate it."

TGIF, indeed! where the fuck are the Olsen twins!?!?

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