Supercalifragilistically awesome.

fevrier records: i'm on the phone with money
fevrier records: haha I mean Mommy
fevrier records: freudian slip
defektimonstro: that is priceless

I went to a work-related function last night for Gemini nominees and people kept asking me what I was nominated for. I wanted to say for being supercalifragilistically awesome, but i didn't. I told Bobby this and he said "you get my vote." Yay! One vote for me! And I'm going to say two because my mom would probably vote for me too. And maybe T.C. I heard a rumour that TC saw Kit Carter somewhere in San Francisco, but this rumour remains unsubstantiated. It's almost like that plane never touches down!

So speaking of planes, my mommy is on one right now on her way to my unlocked apartment to ransack its contents and re-arrange in her perfectionist motherly way and as soon as she see me she will yell about what a slob I am and how she "can't live like this" ...well, actualyl first there will be massive huggings and then the picking on me can start. But it is short, and then the INTENSIVE CHILD SPOILING begins! My mom and I are in love with each other and I'm sure sometimes people think we're total gaybots. I guess our saving grace is that we look quite alike. I am just taller and younger then her, and she is more wee and her hair isn't as unruly... but same haircut, haircolour, converse all stars....

I got real paid today. I think I want a sewing machine. My coworker's laugh (contant) makes we want to throw bricks at like... endangered species. Also if she says "Ooh MY GAWD!" in that rural Ontario way again, I might have to reserve the aforementioned bricks for HER.

Oh haha! wait! She just added "Oh good God" to her string of 40-long "Oh my GAWD"s. I wish I could tape it for you....

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