Strizzoke in ma brizzain

The other highlight of yesterday that I failed to include in the last entry was where Lila and I watched a dude take a SHIT in the park outside my house in broad daylight, wipe with some Starbucks napkins, and "wash" his hands in the water fountain. Mmmm.

Today I went to Best Buy with KGW and we watched some Mr. Show. It was way better than the pay-per-view porn we ordered the night before. Then I came home and went out to lunch with my mom and she busted to the hamptons and I busted onto the computer before I rocked to Maxwell's. So I get there and sit down with Graham and company and only after 20 minutes was Graham all, "so you missed the action"
"what action?"
"Oh we already played dude."
"What? WTF? It's not even 10:30"
"Yeah I know... we went on at like .. 9."

So I tried not to throw a tantrum but I really wanted to. It's weird to be so big a fan of a band you actually know. It makes me you say...retarded.

Tomorrow I am going to Long Island and reuniting myself with the atlantic ocean. If there is one thing I hate about living in Ontario it is that province's unwavering lack of atlantic ocean. The ocean is really one thing i truly miss.

Okay, well I miss some other things.

Or did. But then Mississauga GOT a Krispy Kreme.
I'm out.

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