01 January 2002

New Years was a bust.

Tom didn't show up, poor Pat got hit by a car a week ago and is still recouping, a certain lad I like was missing, TC lives in San Francisco, and I later waited for a cab until I started to cry and finally took the streetcar home with my bag of snacks clutched close to my bosom.

In more important news- this girl TOTALLY doesn't look legal. Does she? I mean, at first glance no... but look at her hand, she doesn't have the hands of a child... girls with freckles can go either way sometimes. you're like "Is she 9 or 35?" Frankly I just don't know.

These are the thoughts that shape my world.

Jan 02, 02- Alex just sent me HIS 2 cents of the matter.
that barely legal girl on diaryland... maybe it's just me, but doesn't it look like she's missing baby teeth? and perhaps that hand...isn't her hand?


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