Can I kick it? YES YOU CAN!!!

By some weird twist of fate, if fate = Amex, I am in New York City today. I was hanging around in my room in Toronto yesterday when an inferior stock pocket totally RUINED this beautiful soup i was making so I called my mom to whinge about my culinary crisis. She apparently didn't have "time" for my little "PROBLEMS" and I asked her why not. "The Bob Mackie show is tomorrrow and I am doing seating and it's crazed"

Oh... it's Fashion Week?

"Um.. hello??" come I'm not there?

"HULLO! I asked you if you wanted to come and you aid no because you had to DJ."

But... but... my FAVORITE BAND IS PLAYING TOMORROW!!! Okay. I gotta go. I'm taking a bus home. I'll see you later.

"NO! No you can't do that. You're not really gonna do that. Liz, that's crazy-"

Goodbye I'm hanging up the phone. Where do you want to go for breakfast tomorrow? Yeah? right on. peace" and I hung up.

I sqeale for about 30 seconds till I actually looked at the bus prices and was like "Um. they want THAT kind of money to ride a BUS? Ugh. And to think- *they'd* probably even want me to put on PANTS." It was all too much so I gave up the idea and the phone rang again. It was my mom- natch.

"Um... were you serious about taking the bus here?"

Well I WAS until i saw how much it fucking cost, it's like... more than FLYING!

"Well 'cause there's a flight at 7:30 if.."

If what? If i put on PANTS? Consider them as good as NAILED ON! And off i went and here i am in my old nightgown in my old room. I have to go to a fashion show now. Don't hate me because I'm good at math.

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