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I am going back to New York! August 28th! Wheee... and maybe I will even get to see Squarepusher and Plaid if Tom Jenkinson didn't cancel his New York shows like he did with Canada. So Tom, if you're listening, sorry Toronto is a one horse town, but Tom, come on- Tom- be real- NYC okay? Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say. (update: i was wrong about the dates. fuck- missed it anyway)

And! Donna's birthday...

There's me and Donna in some bathroom at some girl's birthday party. See the bottle of Jack Daniels? Oh yeah, we mean business.

So my mom must be in some crazy good mood today. So far she has told me to go out and purchase the following things on her credit card.

1. Fax machine
2. color printer
3. Cuisinart

I'm all YO, did I lose a tooth?!

Interestingly enough the Cuisinart is tops on my list. I read Martha Stewart Livng all day yet live in squalor. Comical, yes?

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