Can you stand it????

It's totes 2005 and I for one am thrilled. Pictures to follow but first my *actual* resolutions and *not* just things I think will sound maximum hilarious.

In no particular order:

quit smoking sometime before 2006

get hooked or at least lean on diet pills

take lessons in things I enjoy but am kind of shitty at: sewing, crocheting, adobe illustrator, etc...

write a novel or screenplay that I won't have to deny writing

smoke less weed (slightly?)

drink less or at the very least, eliminate beer entirely

maintain my hairs' trademark lustre

throw away my Visa card

make the best retarded site that no one will care about that it can be

increase productivity in all aspects of my life except mucus.

build a life with Mikey

Okay thanks. If I've left something out please let me know.

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