Whole lot of NON-SHAKIN goin on

And now for this week's fantasy: (Subtitled. Released in France as 'You Wish')

Okay anyway. I slept through my yard sale. Hope no one showed up- though I already know the answer to that. How about this coming Saturday? September 9th? And it's like mainly clothes? The bike, folding chairs, blender and maybe a dresser are spoken for. There is also another dresser/vanity, nightstand (matches the dressers), a coffee table that is kinda broken from when Mike and I had a big fight, a dishrack, a big wooden table from the turn of the centch' ... I dunno.

Holy boring!

I am going to see Spamalot tonight with my pal Joani, but am consequently missing Joke Club at the Drake (sad face) -- which was to be my last Joke Club for a while...

I sent Nick a podcast I made that I thought was funny but it would appear no one else agrees, so perhaps my comedy career is over before it began! Then I think whatever though- all the wrong people are constantly doing the wrong things. I mean- if they let Jenny Lewis make music....

Sorry- I'm tangentializin' over here- my bad. I really just wanted to show you those Chanel boots.

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