get yo teen pregnancy on!

tc: Do you really think about having babies? just wonderin'. cause i kinda do believe that girls naturally do have the urge to want to have babies? But i haven't had like, many opinions from real people about it
elizabeth: Yeah I do! i totally do!
tc: A lot? or just one or two?
elizabeth: But I have a lot of girl friends who are like 27-29 and they are all, "noooo ... not for a long time" and i want to say um.. you don't really HAVE a long time, you're fucking 30. I wanna have like 2 by the time I'm 28!
tc: huh
elizabeth: People are always "waah but then I can't have any fun!" HELLO? I had my fun when I was 14 until now. Fuck fun. kids ARE fun. Why else would they talk all fucked up and wear costumes all the time?
tc: haha
elizabeth: they are like little crazy drunks! and everybody loves crazy little drunks
tc: yeah!! i am a crazy little drunk and like well
elizabeth: yeah!
tc: ok bad example
elizabeth: and you fucking rule... like little kidz in capes who shout stuff that isn't even in english.
tc: omg *sniffle*

Mariah Carey also showed up at this halloween party, totally fucking up all her rehab progress.

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