Death From The Love!

Glad you enjoyed that impromptu road trip to Atlantic City as much as I did.

Shortly after that I flew to Canada just to take a road trip to the States with my boyfriend. Our pals Death From Above were playing at the Lager House so Mike rented a car and we drove to Detroit Rock City.


Zoe the merch elf!

Jesse the text message wizard!

Angus the sound-tech ass gnome!

Due to my camera's shitty long-distance tricks no actual band playing photos came out but you've seen that sort of thing a million times. Here instead is a picture of Jeff from Controller Controller losing his shit!


I may have told this story before but ... did you know that Sebastien came up with the name eBeth? Well around the same time I came up with a nickname for him though it was more like a slogan as 'nickname' connotes a shortening, not a lengthening of one's name.

Regardless, this "slogan" was Sebastien "no stranger to danger" Grainger. We joked a couple years ago how eBeth seemed to take off a little easier. So you can imagine my elation when I saw Sebs wearing this shirt.


Mike and I bid farewells to pals who we would see the next day on home turf and headed to Windsor to have "some of that motel sex you're always talking about." Mike also played Psycho tricks when I was in the shower. It worked. I yelped and shouted "don't you EVEN! this place totally fucking LOOKS like that too!" My mom commented later "Oh that's never funny."

Here's us by the Detroit river. My hair looks like shit because I had to wash it with a bar of motel soap?

oh dear LORD. Maybe if I wasn't so fat we wouldn't have gotten into this CAR ACCIDENT!

Me vs. Newton's law of inertia? NO CONTEST. Elizabeth Mann- 1, Science- 0. However, it could be argued that the weight of my body prevented us from being pushed into traffic. Did my corpulence save our lives? Let's leave it at that. My thighs will not be able to afford the damage.

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