Outrageous (lack of) Fortune

Now here comes Outrageous (lack of) Content.

Let me go downstairs quickly and rummage through some boxes to find something "quality" to tell you all about.

Okay guys, this search came up short- all I found downstairs was a composition book from grade 4 so I think I'll talk primarily about Pizza Pizza's Monster Jam at the Skydome- but apparently I used to spell something - "sompthing"

Okay so in honour of Katie's birthday, our posse ventured to the Skydome to see Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Sudden Impact, Radical Rescue, Backdraft, American Guardian and some other "monsters" take out their aggression on some junky Fords and Chevys in a pile of dirt. I don't really know *what* I was expecting, I mean i knew the gist of what was going to happen- I just thought that unlike on TV, actually GOING to one of these things would be, you know, exciting? remotely entertaining?

Me: This is kinda boring.
Sebastien: Well, you know...it's for a different kind of people...
Me: Trash?
Seb: Loud noises, stuff getting smashed..

I guess I just couldn't wrap my head around this being "too dumb" for me to get. I didn't think it was dumb I just thought it was boring. They would bring out the trucks, 2 at a time to drive in a circle and crush the same cars over and over. An Impala can only get so crushed! Besides, it's not like I don't enjoy *other* things commonly associated with morons- I mean, I'll watch Elimidate and Dale even tapes 'RealTV'.

Then they'd bring out some Quad teams (USA v. Canada... who will win???) and when the results were in there were even some Jerry Springer style fights between drivers. It was faker than wrestling!

The fumes in the Skydome were making us high/nauseous and when they brought out the radio-controlled cars we all just about lost it.

Katie: I could see this at RADIO SHACK!!!

She could have, but no MC would be singing the praises of Pizza Pizza in the background "You guys have a great place to eat here... and they deliver! Mmmmm MMMM!!! Pizza Pizza!!! 967-1111! (I feel it necessary to point out to people in Ontario that he said "one one one one" and not "eleven eleven")

So after the Pizza Pizza judges decided who crushed already-crushed stuff the best -- Gravenigga? Radical Rattail? Backfat? Maximum Annhilation? Trailercrusher?

Who cares.

Actually wait. I feel it is important to point out that Gravedigger won and that Gravedigger is the car owned by Pizza Pizza. Total surprise shocker ending!

On the way out Dennis just commented on the abundance of what he calls "generic white people." People brought babies to this thing. Not like "little kids" I mean NEWBORNS. I kept blowing incessantly into a pink whistle and tried to regain feeling in my head. Highdome! I made it outside and onto the subway and onto the streetcar and into my bed.

Monster Nap Extravaganza

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