Hella tidbits!

'Nadians! Hear this! By now, you've probably seen the Tim Hortons commercial advertising their delicious looking new libation- the Hot Smoothee. Do not be fooled. I had one of these things yesterday and was totally so amped for it and you know what I received? A HOT CUP OF DISAPPOINTMENT. It's totally just warm janky milk with some weaksauce raspberry burp in it. Hella gross. Stay away.

Can you believe that The Hold Steady be playing here in exactly ONE week? I, for one, cannot! But you know, totes on the list and all, natch. CAN'T WAIT, DOGGIES!!

Speaking of doggies- I found my dream dog on the internet and since then, Mike has been crushing my dream, and I have been stabbing him in my dreams.

Halloween approaches! Do you have your costume ready? Mike and I have our concept ready- but the costumes are still a work in progress. I will keep you posted. As opposed to Canadian Club, which will keep you wasted.

Party on, pals! I have to get back to work! Pictures from our impromptu weekend 'mini-party' soon!

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