Not Ybor City

And away we go!

Who the hell are all these people?

Adam and Sabrina. Yo, you get that shirt at Delphic? niiiiiiiice.

This total rando wanted us to play a song from a CD that he brought (note to aspiring cools: always bring your OWN MUSIC to a party?) Anyway, Mike actually played it for the dude but he missed it or something because he was downstairs making out with my mom, obviously.

Eva and Sebs.

This rap-metal baldie was LOVIN it! It was wicked. I mean "wicked" in both senses of the word I guess.

Dennis and Claire approached the dias, and we smoked a joint. My mom was standing right there all "Is that.... are you gonna... -" and I just moved her to a position where she was in between us and the crowd and said "Mom. Block." Block or blaze, man. She blocked. And we all threw our hands in the air for Tes' 'New New York'.

At some point during the party, the disco ball that spins over the dance floor came crashing down and demo'ed this girl's hand. I felt supes bad and offered to get her a brewski for her trubs?

What is this- NO BAD COUPLES?

Um. Yes. Nice wingspan.

Is this how you do the humpty dance? I forget. I think maybe it's the drunkty dance. Ask Eva.

Apology brew, bandaged paw, overall hotness.

So yeah! The party was killer as far as I could tell. We played a few of my pal Marq's remixes and the dance floor was FEELING them- it felt good because Marq was there to see it. The next night he got played at Hot Times in Tokyo. Kid's going places. Juss sayin.

Anyway- we are hanging up our party hats for a spell. Look for another showdown in November. And look for pictures of the afterparty right HERE in a couple dayz.


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