Charity Stache

Okay I'm like through talking about organic airbags or whatever. Sorry about the delay. I'm super busy crocheting mustaches for cancer patients and people who have lost their mustaches due to injuries suffered as a result of serving in the US Armed Forces.

Obviously I am talking about a lot of mustaches here, people, and I would find it very insensitive on your part if you were to complain about my absence, however great, from your life.

My friend, comedian Nick Flanagan is coming into New York tonight. Hopefully in time to hang out with me at Cinema Classics for the 2 year anniversary of 'Invite Them Up.'

Tomorrow he performs at Pianos on Ludlow St and you should give his uncomfortable brand of comedy a try. I hear he's big in Hungary.

Last night Cristi and I went to see the Unicorns at Maxwells. Normally I would never describe anything involving New Jersey as "amazing" but the show was "amazing" -- more on this later.

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