throw those oars overboard

Happy Mother's Day Mom. Here is a picture of us.

And here is a picture of me on my 5th birthday just because I'm unhappy with my appearance in that baby picture.

So... shit- I have pre-written so many things in my head I don't know where to begin and I don't want to make this entry into some really boring novella. To break it down: shit has been so rad since I got back from tour that I was walking around all, "Damn! Did I forget to fill out a change of address form and the radness factory has mistakenly sent over buckets of rad not meant for me?"

But at the end of the day I am still Elizabeth Mann so it quickly turns to "Alright, cut the crap, who's Gaslighting* me?" Like suddenly my big birthday cake will turn into a circle bomb with a lit wick.

Oh and my allergies are terrible and every night I am plagued with nightmares that are so literal that I can't even pretend I don't know what they mean. My dream life is too lazy and stupid to come up with metaphors lately I guess! "Lest there be any confusion..."

It was nice seeing Pat and Tom last night even though I didn't really get to talk to either of them at length. Here is an entry from back in the Pat and Tom heyday.

* If you have not seen the movie Gaslight (1944) you probably don't get the reference. I suggest you rent it or at least read about it here.

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