If you want to see tomorrow morning, I suggest you stay awake.

I vaguely remember having a hugely successful houseparty a few weeks ago- then I found these photos and WHOA -here they are for your bored-at-work viewing non-pleasure! Don't worry dudes! Soon it will be Wednesday and you can watch Lost or whatever.

Mike and Dan Party

I know half these people.

If we were in a bulk foods store. This would be the "Oriental Mix"

This picture is great because the chick's name is Maria. Maybe she'll let you make it with her.

If in 9 months Jackie gives birth to a MOUTH BABY, I'll know it was conceived at my party.

Arms across America


You already know these turkeys.

Turkeys. Poles. Chit chats. Etc.

This is Photoshop's new "stay respectable, stay electable" filter. You don't have it because it comes from the future and only works on Latvians.

Mike Frame and some other guy!

I used this picture of Beth because it's the one where she appears to be having THE MOST FUN.

So Chauncey! Are you admiring the SWOOSH?

Brie. Mandz.

If it's not 7am, it's not a party DUDE!! I think this was 1 hour into Marq's three-hour diatribe on why I am a shitty friend/promoter/liar/person in general. Finally I was like "Give it a rest man, or put it in a letter! I'm trying to keep a vibe going here, you know?"

Keep your own vibes going!

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