The New Deal

I know I know I am dearly missed and my diary has been slackingas far as awesomeness is concerned but until you, my readers, cough up enough money to buy me an iBook you'll just have to relax and wait.

I think now that have time to gte sick.. I will. At least the move is over. I can never go back to my old neighborhood though as I am WANTED for several small crimes. Nothing actionable thankfully. Oh...well...petnapping...but it was for the best. Duke is happily ensconced at a location that shall remain a secret at this time. Cleo has been getting in fights with animals 3 times her size and being kept in solitary confinement until she learns to control her brutish ways.

This week is going to bring nothing but exciting things... first week in the new house...more chilling in my jacuzzi with the 'bathroom stereo' blasting Mates of State and Sebadoh...Karen's idea for our halloween costumes... the approaching mod/barf crawl...the rapidly approachng Block Party.. my mother coming to Toronto ...and most of mother coming to Block Party. HELLO???

more later.

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