Know what time I got up this morning? 7:45. on a Saturday. No alarm went off or anything, I just figured it was around 12:30, quarter to 1 and I had best get up. Looked at the clock in the kitchen and booyaka! 7:45 in the AM! I fucking love that! It's like i can get SO much done before I would normally even open my eyes.

Like for instance it is 9:00am now and I have scrubbed and disinfected the stovetop, the kitchen countertops and the entire bathroom. I am going outside now to do some garden-y stuff and then I have to vacuum and ... okay this entry is totally uninteresting. And, so is DIGIFEST! (where I have been volunteering for the past 3 days)

It's a super cool concept and a lot of the presenters are working on rad projects and have a lot of talent, but between the festivities being UNCATERED, UNDERATTENDED, and its attendees/staff being relatively UNENTHUSED... it just seems like school and not something i would pay $500 to attend. Oddly enough, half the people who bought passes haven't even shown up.

Now if you can't be arsed to pick up a $500 ticket... there is something wrong. Plus, a lot of these computer suckers do NOT have the gift of the gab so you end up groaning in the back of the room muttering "get onnnn with it!!!" The best guy yesterday was from Germany (natch) and he presented the PAINSTATION where you get totally shocked and maimed in the hand if you fuck up on this 2 player videogame.

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