quarter century of love

Yesterday was my parents 25th wedding anniversary. I mean they've been divorced for 22 of those years but my mom still sent my dad a reminder email (well, more like "fun fact!" )

But it was weird because she was talking about how it didn't seem like 25 years ago.. it seemed like "yesterday" and I was surprised because well, 25 years is longer then my whole life and being BORN doesn't seem like "yesterday" to me. But she replied "Well...of course it's longer than your life.. I was a good girl" (which was not the point - i didn't mean it literally) but I laughed anyway because her suggesting she "waited" to have me is to imply i was "planned" in the first place. And I wasn't!

Anyway... I went to see Lilys at the Horseshoe on Monday night and it was fantastic, and I took pictures and i saw people I had not seen in a long time. Then Kurt, Gerherdt, Steven, Chris and Paul came back to the house and we got high and watched Jackass (fucking surprise! I always give Dale so much shit about constantly putting this movie on when people are over.. but it's true.. people want to watch it! )

In the morning I challenged new bassist, Chris McGowan (McCowan?) to some Marvel vs. Capcom on the Dreamcast and I was floored and embarrassed by his ability to beat me. He got best out of five but I beat Lilys drummer, Steven fair and square. ho ho ho. good times.

Mike came over around 2 and we walked around and ate and checked out the Distillery District and found this amazing old building and scaled it and found a giant apostrophe and.. and I can't tell you anymore about it or you will make it a hotspot and ruin it. There was even a hoboshack on top! Complete with all hoboshack necessities- industrial solvents, a floor littered with yellowing torn newspapers, an unidentifiable can of black goo and lots of flies!

Well this exciting diary entry has me tuckered out. I have to go work on some actual work now.

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