I could have given you a better life

This entry will be quick because I am dictating it over a ham radio in Thailand and it is monsoon season.

My mother is by my side. She came to Block Party. She made a few too many dick jokes at the dinner table last night with Beth, Mer, and Jesse. I told her she was a boozehound and she should go wait in the car.

Went back home. Beth came over. We drank sickeningly sweet drinks and went to a party where I got to hang out with lovely Vancouverians and some drunk girl set her hair on fire. Beth knocked some beer bottles over with her bag and I told her she was wrecking a perfectly good party, was a boozehound, and should go wait in the car.

Dale on the other hand really IS a boozehound and tried to tell us the same story for about 3 hours until we finally cut him off and told him to try again tomorrow. But evidently some crazy cokehead tried to start shit with Zoe and everyone just stood there? Then Dale mentioned that "that guy is going over the balcony like in TWO seconds"... the best way to assert your manliness and throw someone off a balcony is to run away and hide in the bathroom I think.

I caught a cold. I almost passed out in Winner's... I don't know if it was because sinus pressure is throwing my equilibrium off or because everything and everyone in that store is so disgustingly gross. I have to work tonight and am going to miss the bowling party. Maybe 'partymom' can go in my absence?

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