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My head still hurts. Instead of writing in complete sentences I figured I would do my Death From Above wrap-up in point form since most of the people that actually care have heard about it in crackly detail from my Qualcomm phone.

The best:
+Amateur porn to timely records in Montreal
+Marvelling at peoples rims on W. 4th street at night
+Listening to Dennis and Jesse talk about what kind of rims they will get when they have cars that are worthy of them. (Jesse wants those totally flat kind that are just like... panels, Dennis I think wants those crazy silver ones with like 70 spokes)
+Using the phrase "Fuck a ____!" to describe an undesirable place, thing or situation. Originally started with "Man, FUCK a Cambridge!"
+"the vangina"
+Sparks. The malt liquor energy soda!
+Aaron from Liars
+R. Kelly
+cash and prizes
+Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon at my apartment
+my mom
+spraypainting on stuff
+Sebastien's sister-in-law
+Jesse talking very candidly and at length about his penis
+listening to Project Bounce as soon as we could possibly get in on the radio (somewhere between Kingston and Oshawa)

The not so best:

-gas. both having to stop for it, and you know.. BEING gassy.
-Getting poisoned in Pearl Paint on Canal Street
-Sebastien's Philly cheese steak from Roy Roger's
-Dennis' beef jerky chew that I forced him to buy because it came in a bubble tape dispenser shaped box
-95% of bands Death From Above had to play with
-Kids in Ottawa shooting craps outside a legion hall. What herbs!!
-dry shows
-Teriyaki House in Ottawa. Our meal was $80, unfilling and took them an hour and a half to bring. $.13 tip for you!

Tonight is the DFA show at Clinton's on Bloor St, but to be honest I'm a little DFA'ed out. Actually it's not that so much as ... I mean, priorities- you know ?

I swear tomorrow's entry will not mention anything about the band. It will totally be all about mountains of coke and rap cds.

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