Bitch, I'm broke.

Surprisingly the weather has been radical the past few days so I have been leaving the house and even have a retarded looking sunburn in the shape of a square with a bow in the middle, on my back.

I needed to get a bike and was thrilled when Mike offered to accompany me in this search. I found one that I liked in the 3rd place we looked and it will be ready Monday. Yay! Fuck a TTC! Then we hung around, ate some 'ontario's favorite' then went to Listen Up at Club 56. "Listen Up, your party sucks!"... but some girl that works there gave me a free drink and the DJ played Mike's request, so- no complaints really I guess...

Today i painted my toes and went to the library. Now I think I'll go play around with Dan's delay pedals in the living room. Thanks for tuning in!

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