Toronto confuses me.

So I thought I'd drink a bit before going out to save myself some money. But drinking a "bit" before going out turned into me getting hammered and gettin pretty liberal with the advice and opinions on instant messenger.

When I finally got to the subway station it was 1am! Beth showed up to Lee's shortly after I did. And my new pal Jeff. And Julia fell into a trashcan and that was funny.

But yeah, I guess I haven't been really drunk in a while... I made Beth do all this dumb stuff with me... like I'm obsessed with this condemned house on Bathurst and we were bouncing around in the snow because it was all crunchy and Beth said something like "you can't make snow angels with THIS!" and I of course had to be like, "oh yeah? WATCH ME!" and proceeded to flop backwards into the snow and like... put my legs over my head. Drunken SNOWHO! Oh then I made her help me break into someone's apartment. We got past three doors but were foiled by the 4th. So she waited while I wrote a note in lipgloss, but then i didn't leave it because as we were walking down the alley i kicked his window and he woke up and said he was going back to sleep. whatEVER! I mean, I'm not stalking this kid.. we used to be best friends and then I was a huge bitch about some things and I guess he doesn't want to have a whole lot to do with me right now- which I can understand. I just feel like I really fucked up and I'm really really sorry about it.

But honestly, who cares! Kevin Spencer is on tonight! The show that only *I* like!! I would go to the Wavelength anniversary thing tonight but ugh- I hate those fagz. haha.

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