les babies Gunst...

What a weird evening. It's 3am- the fog is so thick you can't see 10 feet in front of your face. I was actually scared walking home. Dale called while I was still at the busstop and he's on his way over to play some Dreamcast. I saw Beachwoods Sparks and The Shins tonight at the Rivoli and ran into my old pal Taylor.

I went back to Pat and Tom's house and um.. yeah...then I left because I was bored and I'm waiting for the Christie bus when I remember I have a Twix in my bag. Munching on that chocolate covered cookie delight I was at peace with the world. Suddenly the fact that I wasn't being impregnated by the Beachwoods' Chris Gunst wasn't as depressing. It was me, my city, my crappy snack.

Oh dear god.

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