Bloomberg Party!

While we didn't have this party in Mayor Bloomberg's honor, we did take a few pre-emptive celebratory bong hits for him I guess? Bloomberg wins! I've already forgotten about the whole Westside Stadium debacle, Mikey- speak no more of it!

First stop- Jelena has a birthday!

Complete with cake and shirtless dudes, and genuine surprise at receiving a wicked bag from Rachel.

On the other hand, Rachel received some wicked boobs, from her parents or the Lord, I guess. C'est vrai, non?

Then Mike and I had a lil doodad in our living room Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Don Cash

Brie and Ryan, ugliest furniture evs. I know! I am working on it- swear!

Jesse and Mike.


Jesse said if you put orange juice in a 40 of Olde E, it tastes really good, and he was right. Who knew Streetsville bred such Streetsknowledge.

Mike and Irine. Irine also goes to George Brown- go Huskies! RIGHT???

Oh Simon, I love your whole deal.

Dave would kill me for this if he understood how the internet works but he doesn't so I'll just tell him it's a collage I make for my grandma.

Simon and an Australian girl. Crikey?

Thanks for partying down on my 567th entry or something. Honestly- if you're bored, read the other 566.

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