Some weekend thingies!

Mikey came down last Thursday and his visit was epic! We went to a party where we saw this chart.

"very very light intensity"? Why not just call it "weaksauce" ?Okay! Next...

Later that night we went to the Fish and ran into Tangiers. Canadian party on the street.

The next day offered much in the way of visual delights. We went to Coney Island!

Okay, so you can get your drink on, and then bump your ass off- or vice versa. It's really great to have options. I waited to 'get my ass on' till I got home to my air-conditioned apartment. B-b-b-booyaa!!

I was heavily feeling the typeface of these signs. Rad! Signs for food in Coney Island= 9.5, Actual food in Coney Island=1.6

Obviously I have never done any drugs ever in my entire life but that's *because* I know that if I do- the giant prehistoric chickens will break free and destroy the earth with their insane hairdos and total disregard for nuclear modesty.

So you can imagine how relieved I felt when I saw this sign. I was like "exactly" *dramatic whisper*. Cristi suggested it was hand-painted by Nancy Reagan herself.

And this was from the Delancey... i think? Finger to you!

Bye bye! I'm off to see Fahrenheit WTF and then Les Savy Fav at Volume.

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