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Monday, August 13, 2001

Okay. I know I'm getting a little bit out of control with the rapid-fire updates here but I just couldn't keep my mouth shut about this one. First of all it's 3am so I'm still gonna say it's Sunday even though I guess it's technically Monday. And let me just say that today has reached new heights in shittiness. Like work was kinda boring, Allison blew me off, Craig thinks he has the right not to be home when I call. Some other people I um.. just don't understand, and then! and THEN! I start crying and I'm like, oh, yeah, this is great. What could THIS mean?

So I go to Wavelength and I see Matt Collins and tell him I hate everyone, then I kick a wall and hurt my foot. When I realize I have no cigarettes I go back to Matt and tell him I still l hate him but not enough to refuse cigarettes. He gave me 2. I felt like a charity case. Then this kid who is under the weird suspicion that I want to bone him even though I totally don't shows up so I make myself scarce. I went backstage to try and find Craig but he was not there.

So I sit down with this guy I know backstage and we're just blabbing and then some other chunky doofus comes back there and I'm just running my mouth and being my usual life-of-the-party self, which obviously is a bad idea, since this one person in question not only invited himself to come with me when I went to get a slice of pizza but also, got on the streetcar, missed his stop and got off at Roncesvalles with me (which for those of you who don't know toronto is a) FAR and b)yeah, it's like REALLY far away from where this guy supposedly lives)...did I mention he stared at me the entire ride and I seriously thought I was going to kill myself. So as soon as we get off at Ronces I throw my bike down and take off... I didn't even look behind me. What a scary freak!!! He was all asking me if I had a boyfriend and if I'm in love with my boyfriend.. and is he an asshole and would i be willing to cheat on him.

I don't have a boyfriend but this guy is missing two front teeth, talks like an acid casualty and won't stop staring at me- so he is not in prime contention.

Below is the most fucked upwebpage I have seen in a while. I know it's probably wrong of me to make fun of something so fucked up but I just gotta. It's been a rough day. Okay. So, I guess this couple aborted their baby and now they regret it... so they've made this whole page for "their son andrew" and talk about how he's changed their lives and taught them shit. Um...THIS KID WAS NEVER BORN, do you see where I'm going with this? Here is the best part- they've created a "heaven date" for him (since he obviously has no birthday) and even fabricated his favorite movie (Bug's Life), favorite actress (Tyra Banks), etc... I guess it is really sad or whatever...but it also seems totally sick to me. Like should I start a webpage for a kid I just MADE UP? How far can you take this? How about a unicorn? Can I do a page about my unicorn? His favorite movie is 'Predator.'

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